Birdseye Maple Crochet Hook

 The Hooks:

These beautiful hooks are handcrafted by artist Scott Foster.  Turned on a lathe; cut with a sloyd knife, hand sanded, and finished.  Hooks are made to order. 

The Wood:

Birdseye Maple is really sugar maple that has undergone stress during the growing process.  The tree attempts to push out new buds but due to poor growing conditions the tree absorbs the buds.  These buds become the figure.  

From archery bows to syrup, maple trees do it all.   Most of the hardwood forests of Eastern North America consist of Sugar and Norway maple.

If you have ever heard of a Shaker bowl they are made from maple.  Most treen (kitchen articles made from wood) were made from softwoods like pine because they were easier to work with hand tools.  Shaker bowls stand out and lasted over a century because they were made from hardwood maple.