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I'm Scott, the sole proprietor, and jack of all trades at Adze Woodcraft and Sundry.  Here you see me in all my glory. I'm the guy who makes all the awesome crochet hooks.


My shop and home are located in Northern Sussex County, NJ.  Just a stone's throw from the Hudson valley.   Within in an hour, I can reach the Delaware water gap, wine country, cider houses, and all the farm to table food you can eat.


This is a shot of my regular walk, it's pretty close to my house and it meanders through a marshy area with; wild turkeys, beaver, and aquatic birds.  If you are lucky you might see a black bear.

A shot of my daughter Zoe on a dogsled in upstate New York, she loved it.

 The early stages of a permaculture garden my family is working on.  My son Alex next to a hugelkultur mound we just finished.  It's basically a mound with layers of organic material.  Logs, twigs, composted leaves, manure and other stuff.  We seeded it with a big bag of wildflowers for the bees and butterflies. If you are interested in gardening, do a google search on permaculture, it's pretty interesting stuff.

Adze Woodcraft, Wood crochet hook, about us

 My daughter and my beautiful wife, cross-country skiing.   My wife doesn't want me posting a picture of her beautiful face so you'll have to use your imagination.


Adze woodcraft, wooden crochet hooks, about us

 I was driving to the post office when I took this picture. It's about four blocks from my house.  I needed a picture to post to Instagram and I was in a rush.  A good shot I think.