Gabon Ebony Crochet Hook

 The Hooks:

These beautiful hooks are handcrafted by artist Scott Foster.  Turned on a lathe; cut with a sloyd knife, hand sanded, and finished.  Hooks are made to order. 

 The Wood:

 Ebony has a long history of use; carved pieces have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, Indian royalty preferred it for scepters, and French cabinet makers used Ebony to make carved religious scenes

Gabon Ebony provides a truly black finish with almost no visible grain and it takes a great shine.

As the maker I love working with this wood because the end result is so beautiful.   The tight grain does make ebony challenging to work with, but it is worth the effort.

If you are planning on purchasing a couple of hooks Gabon Ebony goes well with the stark contrast of Holly.